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My mother just signed up & she didn't get otp for verification : 3 hrs passed still didn't get


It may be their server problem.

Essential for us for protection.

Good work

Good job

@weku-official i have refer some one but the verification is not working do you have a try on it i personally check it with him and still we get nothing

@weku-official i have refer some one but the verification is not working do you have a try on it i personally check it with him and still we get nothing

Good news for us. Thanks @weku-official

very good update

Good news

my friend tried to register and was asked to confirm the code via sms, but he was very disappointed because the code that was asked did not enter the handphone, I also hoped that the confirmation code as soon as possible was sent

Tnx weku

really good

Thank you for your work! But the SMS verification is not working ........

Good something great for all of follow #weku...


Good post

Well done!
Dedinitely Weku needs It.

Ohhh,great @weku-afficial

Good News, my wife still waiting for verification 24hrs can't get code verification

Luar biasa... semoga weku menjadi sebuah platform yang ramah dan bisa mengikuti sebuah tantangan untuk bisa bersaing dengan platform lain.. sukses weku.

I Really ADMIRE Your Struggle To STOP The Destroyers of The Community.

This is great announcement to prevent from abuses.


I tried to refer several people that have not gotten their SMS notification. It's a little bit frustrating I think.

Awesome! I was just thinking about this last night. Thank you!

Good job

Nice !! Good job.. weku-team

Happy to hear this, it'll make abuse a lot harder :-)

you are right! thanks for excellent information

Good job weku

its good step, but a person from Pakistan haveing problem getting mobile code

sir, i also have not received signup bonus

good information, I support small ideas like mine to develop

This my first join in but I can up my picture for avatar... There's something wrong? Thank you

wow!! It's a really good idea.... i am so happy to see this project.... many many thanks to Weku community....💜

Good move, more power!

Dear Wekuteam, it seems the sms verification is kinda tough for a few. It was for me, specifically. I've just met two other people who didn't receive any sms after dropping their numbers.

it is a very good idea, and can prevent multi-account users who are only spammers.

Glad to hear this news.
because this will inhibit fake accounts scattered around this platform. with the concerning of weku official and the wekuteam. it can curb tricky and cheating users. let's grow with weku. Thanks

This is good news