Fake Accounts

2 years ago

We are investigating fake accounts. Please try to only sign up one account per person. Don't cheat.

Please trust us and all contributors to the WEKU platform will be rewarded.

Thank you for your support!


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Good Information


You should add mobile number verification to stop spam

Hey @weku-team i don't get 100 weku yet. How to solve this problem ?

What is the referral function for. ?


If you introduce your friends to weku, they can sign up using your referral. Which means that you will get something (weku tokens) for your efforts :-)


Kenapa ya sahabat saya tidak dapat bonus dari weku,,,yang lain pada dapat semua ????

Hey @weku-team. I need your help. I don't get 100 weku for my account. How i do to solve this problem

Good decision for weku. please don't waste your time for fake account. thanks authors for this valuable post @weku-team

Thank you @weku-team. has provided information on fake accounts at this time. many make accounts and many just want to win themselves

If I find a fake account, how to report?. Thanks you @weku-team.

Hi @weku-team, I admit I used the sign up bonus before but don't worry, I am aware of what I did. I will now continue to help support the community and make this community. :)

Awesome work- keep it up. We stand by your side.

I know some ID and person who make fake account on same IP. If I give you the proof then can you block their ID . Then contact With me . https://m.facebook.com/kisijanbrri

Good new Admin

Not sure if you saw my post, but @noganoo will exploit every angle he can. Took a lot of usernames from steemit already and transferred the WEKU to his account. It'll never stop if you don't prevent it. He did the same thing to steemit when it started. Watch out.

Also - @pro will most likely be the bid-bot system that he is trying to build.

Might want to put an end to that right away.

Also, @noganoo is now flagging me into oblivion for calling him out. I hope you guys are able to solve these issues before trolls like him destroy your new platform.


I have learned that @pro and @noganoo have been temporally blocked. Their wallet is still there.


Yeah, I heard that too. Probably a good move for the community. My rep was restored after he flagged it into negative, so I'm just moving forward and past all of that. I'm here to build the community and help out where I can. Thanks for the reply.

As a higher users on other platform i want to be the part of this team i am having good experience in all stuff my website detail are upmewhale.com please let me know if i help in any way thanks you ,

I'm from Bangladesh we get shared IP so that now what can we do now?
i use wifi, so more then 10 people use it if everyone create account does it count as fake account?

Weku team works earnestly and seriously, and it reflects the seriousness of the platform founders and developers. Hopefully, Weku becomes a platform that is in demand by many users by upholding the good and fair system.

Do you need help? I might be able to select and report this for you.

no entiendo nada

hello @weku-team i want to know about my referral earning, but i don't know where to find it...

try to investigate this account pretending to be official account to gain upvotes. @weku-official is posting advisory like admins to gain upvotes.

Fake accounts must be eradicated for the convenience of other users.

Why is my friend, I can't get a bonus from my money ... what else can I get ????

I can't promote before I see everything solved. Thanks for letting us know.


Hope it will work better than steemit..... Many steemit users are fade up for their so called flag

Thanks for this kind of opportunity. That's why we need to maintain the credibility of each account...

extraordinary being an operator

Sir I Have Not Recieved The SignUP Bonus YET..

congratulations for the great work that you and your team are doing, do not allow multiple accounts, it is not healthy for the platform ecosystem

Thank you for the information

This is great news! So that others won't have multiple accounts.

Hai nice post @weku-team , But I have only 1 account registered with you but yet to receive bonus

nice post @weku-team , But I have only 1 account registered with you but yet to receive bonus


No worry, you will receive it.


I have not received a bonus too, why haven't I received a bonus ... ????

I Love honest, im following the rule @weku-team

How to join the community

Hey! I had sent emails to support@weku.io reporting many accounts picking up on WeKu using fake accounts. I haven't hear back yet on any of the emails. Is those being read?

I'm a newbie here at weku
and it will be a great help and an honor to be followed and upvoted by you!!

Thanks !!!

Please follow and upvote blogs @kifayat786

Hey @weku-team ,i had some problem
Hi ,i dont like to flag anyone but there is some guy with username @abayomi1 on weku platform who has completed copied my content and now is earning weku dollars from them ...
His post only 1 hour old
My post which is 23 hours old

What should i do ?

yeah! you are absolutely right dear.....thanks Weku for giving us the nice opportunity for earning with our talent and lots of enjoyment..... Its really good platform....

=]] z I have seen some people have fake accounts to be rewarded when signing up. Then transfer the registration bonus to the main account! : v. I only have 1 account and have not been rewarded when registering. so sorry. I'm not lucky!
But I believe you.

great company i am really intresting and proud to be a part of weku
thank you so much

thanks you for information weku team :D

Immediately investigate.


You can stop transfer for sign up bonus and one account one ip allowed. Then fake account is decrease.

Nice to know about it.

This is a very good decision. Thanks for @weku-team

I agree with this point. 1 man 1 account, do not cheat this terms and conditions. Fake account will damage the reputation of the real account. I hope weku team can block remove any fake accounts. Congrats for weku team

Yes This will Help Community To Grow Purely and Do The BEST in Its GROWTH Worldwide. Thanks

I don't see how you're going to be able to police this. Someone is impersonating me and plagiarizing my content on the account @d-pend (my name on Steemit.) The perpetrator of this appears to be @theheavyman, who's created around 10 fake accounts.

This is the way that I found out about #weku, and it's a really bad first impression. This site may have potential, but because of your referral program, it's becoming a haven for scammers.

Good information, it is done so that there is no cheating

nice work done.

Glad you are addressing the spam/fake account problems, something that is rife on Steemit. I am very excited for WEKU I am experiencing great success on Steemit so I am hopeful for the future of WEKU. Are you planning on hosting your own videos, something like DTUBE. I am mainly a gamer and would love for an option to upload videos rather than linking from Youtube.


The whitepaper shows it will support that once its IPFS integration is in place.


Thanks Cannot wait :D

goodluck for it sir, for me that's nice. We will power up and can earn through hardwork and devotions..go..

thank you @weku-team for this update:) seems like very legit to me.
if the free 100 weku is on wekupower as sign up bonus, like steemit did back then, it will lessen the amount of users creating multiple account and might be prevented. but in this case the free bonus is transferrable so what do we expect??
a plasma TV..?

Well All the best and hope the community shall be clean and all the efforts of the team shall be worth it.

is the bonus true?

You may want to have a look at the Noganoo account. Following the money, it seems it was him who registered the names of well-known Steemians and pocketed the referral fees.

Just so you know: I registered three accounts here, with the same names I have on Steemit, to prevent him from getting his hands on those names also.

Good information. Can you sign up a few as gifts for family?

posts that are very useful for everyone @weku-team

It's good information, I'm new to WEKU, but I wanted to ask, I manage two accounts because in one I want to do the topics related to ECA-WEKU. All these topics speak about the word of God, but since yesterday he has created the account. weku-team, has not voted. I wanted to know if I can not do that? , the other account is for my personal issues. , I started to send some contributions from ECA-WEKU, in @jpolanco since I had not created the account @eca-weku, until yesterday. I hope you inform me how I should work since the idea is to take the word of God if you can help me by restiming the preaching. God will reward you. God bless you.

I am the ECA Community Administrator, my discord: https://discord.gg/JE52J9M

I have absolutely zero intention on creating multiple accounts and I highly doubt others in my household would want to really register.... They're not the content creator type.

I would like to put forth a request to the @weku-team. For Steemit there is a WordPress plugin called SteemPress. I post to WordPress and it automatically republishes my article, formatting and all, over to Steemit. I'm sure you get where I'm going with this, I'd like to use my WordPress Blog to post to Weku too.

Do I need to speak with someone to help me solve the problem?

Could someone tell me why because @ weku-team, I do not?

Nice@weku team, you are doing faboulous job

   Rise and shine

why does my curation drop drastically to 6, ???? try to explain so I understand ... ????

I am very supportive of you


please visit my blog and upvote my newpost

HI weku-team! This account @saahil. Is copying posts from other accounts on another platform. I hope you can stop this guy from plagiarizing. Thanks

Ini menunjukkan sebuah informasi yang menarik dan sangat penting...kita tidak boleh jurang ..saya mendukungnya @tim

mobile mac id and GSF should be monitor....

Great because I've encountered quite a few fake accounts so far. It's pretty easy to spot the people with 100 transfers of 100 weku from 100 different accounts.

This will be great if only one account will be issued per person, because I have seen a lot of misuse on platforms like steemit where people can buy tokens and then upvote their content (posts and comments) from the other account. It will be great if weku can deal with the issue properly.

weku team is the best. Please visit my blog on weku @muhammadzainijoi

My friend tried to sign up with my referral link yesterday and he said that it told him that the registration was temporarily closed. Is this still the case?

Thank you good information @weku-team

Do not let this platform become like Steemit is now. Many accounts just doing a circle jerk. People with ten accounts just powering up and upvoting themselves. I am really hoping that will not be the case on this platform. @weku-team

nice post, information coming in the right manner. keep it up


Hii Weku Team

Thanks your supported.

Good news Thank you @weku-team.

Great post!

Hi @weku-team can you check my account why i dont get free 100 weku..? Thanks

Hi, weku-team,

Is there any private channel on which I might ask you a question about this?