⚠️ RE- ACTIVATE THE BLOCKING TOOL! Fake accounts will be blocked!

last year


Even after all this time there are still bad actors trying to game the system by creating fake accounts… so we are asking the WeKu Community to pitch in and help us to rid our platform of these bad actors once and for all. Remember, every time a fake account is rewarded it takes rewards away from you and the other legitimate users.

Many times we suggested that the WEKU Team add the verification process to new account creations, but this process has been delayed. WEKU had a block function but it was disabled several months ago by the WEKU Team.

After the WEKU coin became tradable and the block function was disabled, many bad actors became active, created dozens of accounts and inappropriate activity became rampant... and recently the situation is getting worse.

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We asked WEKU Team to activate the block function again and our request is approved, today the WekuBusters team will start to BLOCK fake accounts that were created in order to farm votes and run all kinds of bad business on WEKU by using the lack in security due to decentralization.

We ask you to report any fake accounts you see by commenting on this post or on the Busters Discord:


All true information with proof will be rewarded from our team. If your account is ‘’disabled to to terms of violation’’ please contact us at the discord for the verification process.

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Screenshot 2019-09-18 at 11.16.37.png
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What happen if your account is blocked?

In order to get your account back, you have to verify ownership of the account. Our team will ask for your information but we will NOT ask you for a real identity document as such your ID cards or passport.

After the verification process, the access will be given back to you.

When your account is blocked, we only block your access but we DON’T takeover your wallet and your funds.

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Why do we block the fake accounts, do we have the right to do so?

Wekubusters is an anti-abuse project. Creating fake accounts, farming vote and bad business will destroy WEKU if we do not stop. We suggest users to read the WEKU FAQ and Policy HERE

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WEKU offers a free account creation and every user is allowed to create one PAID account at weku.io but if you want to create additional account ON BLOCKCHAIN (not via weku.io) you must PAY for the additional account. That means every additional FREE account that created via weku.io is NOT legit!

Screenshot 2019-03-01 at 16.46.54.png

How to create a LEGIT additional account?

Every WEKU Witness is able to create an account on the Blockchain (via API), however this process requires WEKU as a payment for the account creation.

WekuBusters created some accounts for users in the past and if you need an additional account, please contact us via the Discord.


The WekuBusters Team.

Screenshot 2019-02-11 at 01.18.08.png
Screenshot 2019-02-14 at 22.06.36.png

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Sadly, fake accounts, scam, spam, plagiarism... these are problems that each blockchain social platform should face. In my opinion, blacklist and flag these accounts until destroy them, is the way to fight against these problems. To block accounts, although is a deserved punishment, is a dangerous double edged sword. It opens the door to block everybody who is not "suitable" in this platform. But you already know this.

I hope never will see somebody blocked due different views about Weku, or due denounced any bad behavior of users with a position here.


@jotakrevs Worry not, people with different views about Weku, or that have denounced bad behaviors of users with a position are not blocked, they're just ignored and dehumanized/demonized/"trollalized". Just like I have been.


I have been bashed at beginning also, but they dislike to argue with me, so the new trend seems to be "sometimes, the silence is the best answer".

Beyond that, we haven't a wave of fake accounts, and most of them dumped their weku months ago when unblocked, and then left the place. So re-enable account block is due another reasons and you already know it, @brumest.


Perhaps they are planing to save Weku after all, by blocking themselves in a last and very altruistic move. There's still hope...


Hahaha keep dreaming, at least is free...

this is a very appropriate step to overcome the problems that are happening right now, we strongly support the steps of @wekubusters in addressing activities on the Weku platform to be more disciplined

How do we detect that someone has a fake @wekubusters account

Excellent. My support to @wekubusters
How can I identify a fake account?

That's a very nice step