See Something- Say Something... Getting Rolling

27 days ago

By @richq11

I just wanted to check in and report that although we're off to kind of a slow start, we're making a little progress. I checked the Busters Discord and saw that some people have reported suspicious activity. It looks like spamming is our biggest problem. I'm optimistic that working together we can put an end to plagiarism, spamming and scamming- but we have to work together.

WeKu is a community and bad behavior affects us all. Your silence is your consent. If people don't step and report bad behavior it will continue to drive the value of wekucoin down. The guys at Busters work very hard, but they can't do it all by themselves. See something- say something. As I said before, it doesn't matter where you report it- as long as you report it. You can go directly to WeKu Busters on Discord, link it on one of these posts, or you can link it to the comments on one of my posts if you're more comfortable doing it that way- but please report it!

Thank you for your support in this effort. We all want WeKu to succeed, but some for the wrong reasons. They only see it as an opportunity to game the system... this hurts everybody- that means YOU. Another big thank you to all of the people that create quality content, you're what makes WeKu great. We have a platform where we're free to post whatever we want without fear of censorship... I can't tell you how important that is. But without an active community policing the spammers, scammers and plagiarists, I'm afraid we may lose it. Your help is more critical than you know.

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Hello dear friend @ richq11 You are very right in what you say Weku is our company and the good or the bad that happens to her affects us all, therefore, if we want to see our company among the best social networks, this is a problematic that we must face among all.
I wish you many successes in this new role