Introduce Weku Team Member: Part-02

2 years ago

Hello friends how are you, hope everyone is good

Promote weku. Encourage your friends to post at weku. weku flatform is a huge company. Their thoughts and management are very strong. Today I will present you with a brief introduction of five people in the weku company initiative. In the next post, the rest of the members will be introduced.

Many of me asked. Weku What Real Site?

Yes, weku 100% real site.


Kevin Zou

Core Team Members Kevin Zou Former Xerox senior vice president, head of electronic payment division. Co-founder and CTO of TPS (Transaction Processing Expert System). More than 20 years of Internet and software development and management experience. He is a serial entrepreneur in both Asia and USA. Senior experts in distributed systems and large-scale real-time transaction processing technology, has a number of related patents. In recent years, he has advised a few successful entrepreneurs in the area of blockchain industry


Eric Chen

Bachelor of engineering, southeast university of china. master of computer engineering, university of texas at Austin in USA. He development experience, early adopter of emerging technologies, especially interested in Blockchain / Graphene/ EOS, POW/ POS / DPOS, DApp, AI / DL, Docker in the cloud computing applications and IPFS distributed networks storage applications. A Bitcoin / EOS/ LTC /ETH/ICO Investor.


Sunny Sun

Master of Science in Computer Science of texas State University in USA. As a .NET software development project leader, he has participated in number of petroleum services, Texas government project development system software and financial software. His financial software project has been selected into Nanjing 321 final qualification. A Block Chain senior investor.


Tony Lin

Bachelor of Science in Compute Science, Chengdu University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, a Master's degree in Computer Science in USA. Providing leadership in a variety of web system, integration and development of financial and insurance application system, 34 years software development experience, always standing in the forefront of computer technology, focus on result. He is a core member of team. Expert experience in distributed system, Blockchain/Graphene and network encryption technology.


Alex Qian

Over 15 years of software engineering experiences. Developes Block Chain Framework, Smart Contract(ERC20) and Wallet. Master of C++, NodeJs, Python, WSS/Restful, Javascript platform developing. Expert at system analysis, design and coding.

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I think now people will trust weku a bit more. I was also confused about weku that i don't see any big name behind weku. Now i think peopke will take it positively.


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great posts, as weku users we believe and are very confident they will bring this platform to be the best in the block chain world. regards

Thank you. I am promoting Weku. Appreciate your efforts.

After read your blog seems to weku platform is 100% real and i ansure at present..

thank you, this is a surprise to us wekumiang, this is an injection of enthusiasm for us.

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