"Adventures in WEKUland" an EXCLUSIVE to WEKU serialised freewrite adventure! PART SEVEN

5 months ago

Hello everyone. I thought it might be fun to publish a serial story on Weku. Each episode will be written in five minutes and a new episode will be published every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday

Previously in Adventures in WekuLand: Catch up with parts One to six


Elise felt panic take control of her as she watched Ivan's ashes being sucked into the hole. Stupidly, she tried to grab hold of them, as if she could catch them and stop them being taken. And then she felt something grab hold of her and she was pulled into the hole.

And she was falling.

But she wasn't falling down, she was falling up. It wasn't as if she was floating. She was definitely falling, but in the wrong direction. The hole was narrow, but wide enough for her not to scrape herself too much against the sides. The walls of the hole pusated and glowed a cascading rainbow of colours, and Elise's eyes widened. She could see Ivan's ashes ahead of her and she reached out - up - to try to catch them, but they were always just out of reach.

And then she could see a light up ahead of her.

Daylight, she thought, although it was tinged with orange. And then she was sucked out of the hole and fell with a plop onto a large mound of stuff that felt like grass, but it was orange and smelled of raspberries.

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