#WedWritingContest: write a story in 250 words or less and win WKD!

5 months ago

I'm a writer that loves reading! So I've decided to hold contests for writers here on weku!

Prizes will be in WKD (or liquid WEKU depending on payout) as follows

1st prize 1WKD or 50% of WKD payout of post (whichever is greater)
2nd prize 0.5WKD or 20% of WKD payout of post (whichever is greater)
3rd prize 0.25WKD or 10% of WKD payout of post (whichever is greater)

Wednesday challenge: write a story in 250 words or less this weeks prompt is jump

English only please
250 words or less
Use the prompt!
Must be original! Written for this contest, not published elsewhere. If you didn't wwrite it don't post it
upvote this post (your prize depends on it!)
Reweku this post to get more people involved!
Post link in comments and use #wedwritingcontest so I can find it!

Deadline Monday 29 October 9am UTC

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There lives a beautiful little girl named altina who lived in an exterior part of a small community. She was always alone, shone but the people of that community because of her usually purple eyes and pale skin. Altina lived all her life alone with her father as the only friend and family she had. One day some group of medical practitioners came into the small community for awareness, diagnosis and treatment of the people. They found out altina and ran a series of test on her. The outcome of the test showed that she is perfectly normal and they enlighten the community not to be scared of altina because she is as normal as everyone else. That was how altina moved from being the lonely girl to a girl everyone loves.


It is hard to be or feel different...

I will see how or what. If not now I will in time, good to practise my English as well