Gratefulvibes Journal (016) Week 5 Writing Contest Winners & Week 6 Questions

9 months ago

Hello happy friends, I hope all of you are still in good health and can still carry out all activities that are the obligations and responsibilities of all friends. On this wonderful occasion I again tried to take part in the weekly writing contest that was held @gratefulvibes. This is a writing contest that has entered its sixth week. Thanks to @gratefulvibes for writing a contest. Even though I have never won in this contest but I am still enthusiastic to take part in this contest because I can hone my writing skills in Weku. Thank you also to @siamcat, @paradise-found and @richq11 who faithfully supported this weekly writing contest.

Show your Pets!

Having a Pet can make our lives bearable sometimes so let's give some love to our four-legged babies, feathery friends or even our slithery besties

Share why and how these little critters are family

Share why you are grateful for your Pet

I have kept ornamental fish in a pond in my yard for three years and it was very pleasant for me. In addition, it turns out that maintaining fish has its own benefits.


But sometimes I have also felt that raising fish is rather troublesome, and difficult. Especially when I saw my fish pond which was rather dirty with various kinds of garbage. When I'm not in the mood, I'll be lazy to clean my fish pond. But that did not dampen my desire to keep raising fish. To keep fish in a pond we must have free time to clean your pond. If not, then our fish pond will become dirty.


Why do I like to keep fish in the pond, it's because I feel the extraordinary benefits when maintaining or watching as the fish swim freely in the pond. Another thing that makes me happy, of course, when returning home with extraordinary fatigue will feel comfortable when I see my fish in the pond.

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Love your honesty!!!! 💖