Savory onion beans

11 months ago


Today I make processed beans, which are onion beans. Well, onion beans are one variant of fried peanut snacks. It tastes more savory and more fragrant. From children to adults, love this savory bean.


• 1 kg of peanuts, peel the skin
• 10 garlic cloves


• 3 tsp salt
• Water to soak beans
• Oil for frying beans

Step to make it

• Bring water to a boil. then soak the beans. Allow the water to cool and then drain it.


• Blend the garlic and salt. Mix with peanuts, stir until smooth. Let stand a few hours so that the spices soak.

• Fry the beans with lots of oil, while stirring constantly. Cook until golden yellow.


• Lift and serve.

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