Contest [❤LOVE LETTER FOR WEKU❤] Support by Siamcat and Weku-Team..

2 years ago

Peace is always with us, hopefully all will be well and in good health.


Dear Weku.

A few months ago Weku had published,
Quite a lot of problems and obstacles have been solved with a patient heart,
All team-weku struggles should be appreciated,
Never complain and recognize the feeling of fatigue that is felt to achieve common goals.

We all members of this community are aware that Weku's team has struggled with all their heart,
For your audience yesterday, today, as well as the future,
Your dedication to all of us here and everywhere is very meaningful.

We are only members of the community in this application, Weku,
Our waiting and confidence will get maximum results in the future.

At the end of my words the words that must be presented to Weku-team are thank you very much.



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By @Azamaqila

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