Limits, like fear, are often an illusion - Reflection

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"Limits, like fear, are often an illusion."

Michael Jordan

Definitely that's a famous phrase from that sports legend, and it's to be highlighted, it's very close to it considering its origins.

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There are two recent classic cases of people who despite being totally outside the average, despite not having the right conditions to succeed in a specific area, simply did it.

The first is the one who immortalized the main sentence of this publication, Michael Jordan. African-American, of humble origins, with a height that is below the average of NBA players, make way despite the difficulties, become considered the best basketball player of all time.

It is not precisely sport that I want to talk about, but rather I want to emphasise that when you propose things, regardless of what you have against you, the important thing is to remain constant and disciplined, and above all to believe in yourself.

Most of the time what really limits us are fears, and as Jordan says in his sentence, in the end they are a mere illusion, when we have to face them, we overcome it and we realize that it was not worth limiting ourselves for such a thing.


Another character of the sport that undoubtedly broke with the patterns, and managed to prevail in the world as a great star today, is Messi.

He started his football career at a very young age, like most of them, but because he was short he had a lot of problems to be taken seriously. But in spite of all the limitations that they wanted to impose he believed in it, until going down in history as one of the best players who have existed until now.

As I said at the beginning, it wasn't about sport that I wanted to talk about, rather my purpose in this opportunity is to highlight that characteristic that makes many despite the difficulties triumph.

They decide to believe in themselves and not in an illusion.

To keep on believing in ourselves, to keep on advancing.

Happy day.

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