Black Ant Animal ( Insects )

17 days ago

"Ant Animal"

**Galaxy M20**

Ant Animal


It is a kind of animal. These animals are known as a kind of social insects. These animals are always seen around us. These animals are called ants. Usually these ants are small animals depending on the species.

They can be seen everywhere. However, in most cases, ants are found to be present on the skin or leaves of various plants. These ants again have two closely related species such as wasps and bees.

The only difference is that wasps and bees have wings and can fly, but ants do not have wings. As a result, they belong to the same class as they look the same. Many of these ants love to be grouped together and roam around.

Ants collect their food throughout the day and they collect different types of food. When they collect food, everyone gathers in a line and collects food together.

The tombs of these ants are very narrow and the head and back are thick. As a result, ants can be easily identified. Like wasps and bees, ants also have a sting on their hind tails that penetrates and irritates other species, including humans.

However, they do not usually boil, they boil when they feel threatened by the animal. These ants love to colonize and live. These ants are divided in different ways such as worker ants, soldier ants, etc.

In a similar way, ants are divided into different sites. Animals of this species can be of different colors such as red ants, black ants, yellow ants, brown ants.

These ants all behave in the same way as an animal. These ants have a good group behavior or characteristic that they are united in their struggle for survival. These ants can adapt to any ecosystem and environment. The antennae of these ants are always elbow-like.


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