Begging in black and white - Monomad

4 months ago

“Rarely do you approach a poor man to know from his own mouth the cause of his misery... nor to observe what kind of misery afflicts him, for there are some so extraordinary that they are not relieved by the easy alms of the eighth... nor by the crust of bread... "

Benito Pérez.

Walking through the streets of Bogota, the lord of the image caught my attention, I wanted to bring the photo in black and white, because that ancient touch that gives it, makes me think that just as today, these characters are present (unfortunately) in the world for many years.

They are the product of many unfavorable circumstances, both personal and family, social, psychological, in short, there are many reasons that produce these particular situations.

In general, those who pass by them have a tendency to move away, because not only is their clothes spider what characterizes them, but their hygienic habits are not adequate, and regularly their smell is not pleasant.

Note: Picture taken with my Huawei Y5 phone.

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hola muy bonita
feliz dia


Gracias amiga. Feliz tarde para ti.