The Lonely Railway 💔

4 months ago


I seek lonely paths
To quell
My lonely thoughts
And cry
My lonely tears
For the shower of Stars
That unexpectedly
Refuses to shine...

I trail down
The railway track
In frozen air
On a cloudy night
I just would be
A moment gone
To get me away
From these lonely chains...

By the metal trash
Of the lonely railway
I sort my thoughts
And the internal wranglings
Of my forlorn heart...

I would be oblivious
To the blaring horns
To the thumping sound
Of the far away train
To the click-clack engine
That grates to a sudden halt...

I will hide in the covers
Of an endless night
And wish that...
The lonely railway
Is as lonely as I am...

But the night dims
And it Is thronged
By tired feets
And tired faces
Each seeking shelter
From the naked Skies...

No longer lonely
I find my way
To seek yet
Another lonely path
Another lonely railway
To lay to perfect rest
My very lonely thoughts ...

An original poem by @edith4angelseu

Thank you for stopping by my neighbourhood ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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