Gratefulvibes Journal (017) Week 6 Writing Contest Winners & Week 7 Questions

8 months ago

30,000 WeKu in prizes, 3000 each week for 10 weeks.

GV Writing Contest!!

For the 10 weeks leading to Thanksgiving Day here in the USA, @gratefulvibes will host a writing contest. Each week 3000 Weku in prizes will be rewarded to the best entries. Thats right, 10 Weeks and 3000 Weku in prizes each week, that equals 30,000 Weku to be handed out to the winners.

Everyone is invited to join this amazing contest!!


  • Answer the weekly question(s)
  • 200 word minimum
  • Minimum of one image (properly sourced)
  • Use #gv-contest as your first tag
  • Use #gratefulvibes as your second tag
  • ReWeku this post
  • Put your contest blog link in the comments below

Weekly Contest Rewards

1st place - 1200 Weku
2nd place - 800 Weku
3rd place - 400 Weku
Honorable Mention (3) each 200 Weku

All entries will receive

100% upvote from @paradise-found
Also upvotes from @siamcat and @richq11

Week 7 Contest

"If you can't laugh at yourself..."

Tell us an embarrassing story about something that happened to you. You know the kind... you trip and fall and immediately look around to see who saw you fall.

Week 7 contest ends November 10th at midnight CST in the USA

GV Journal will announce:

Week 7 WINNERS & Week 8 question(s) on November 12th

Week 6 Winners

Thank you to all the authors who love their pets so much.
I'm grateful to have had 2 Yellow Labs as my pet. They were family!!
It was especially difficult to choose the winners once again, with all the marvelous entries.
Please enjoy each wonderful blog at the link below the ID of winner.

1st place - @adimantong-story (1200 WeKu)

2nd place - @squirrelbait (800 WeKu)

3rd place - @fadlimatang (400 WeKu)

Honorable Mention (4)

@faisalus (200 Weku)

@chairoeltks (200 WeKu)

@syuhada (200 WeKu)

GV Journal - A weekly review of quality blogs

For the 10 weeks of this contest, GV Journal will contain the GV writing contest winners and the questions for the next contest. However, the awesome GV curators will continue to diligently upvote the best blogs on WeKu.



GV Journal writer




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Qualifying guidelines for Gratefulvibes (GV) curation

  • Original content only
  • Appropriate use of tags, no more than 2 project tags listed
  • Weku first or Weku only blogs

For more explanation of these guidelines see the link below

Thanks for visiting, have an awesome day!!

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Congratulations everyone on the victory, especially to my friend, @squirrelbait congratulations to you, may we all be blessed and blessed by God

Congrats 🎊

The jury has selected the best, congratulations to all the winners of the GV contest, have a great day.

Congratulations to all winners this week

Congratulations to all the people who have participated, especially the winners.
excellent this week's themes @gratefulvibes congratulations to the whole team.
I wish you all a great day

Darn, Zeus didn't even make an honorable mention. sigh


Sorry, we didn't see it. One of the rules is to put the link in the contest post comments.
Then I go thru all the links in the comments for the winners.


Oops I missed that. That's what I get HA HA. I did use the tags though. Thank you for correcting me and still being generous.

thank you @gratefulvibes I enjoyed taking part in this writing contest

Congrats everyone and thank you very very much. This week will be difficult as nuts like me don't embarrass easily.

cropped SB Nuthead.jpg

Thanks for your support @gratefulvibes


thank you!


Thank you very much @gratefulvibes, for your support of us