Did #Grizman intend to send a direct message # to Koman and would Griezmann's statement pay for it on the bench bench !!!

2 months ago

Griezmann declared after the France match that he plays in his original position with the French national team and with more freedom, which is what drives him to provide better levels than the levels he offers in Barcelona.

The truth of these permits does not benefit the team and will not benefit Griezmann personally, when Griezmann came to Barca from Atlético, he knew that his position was the center of Lionel Messi, and he knew that he would play in a position that was not centered in advance, so Messi's competition for his position will put you on reserve, my personal expectation of this statement was behind him One person is Dechamps, the coach of the French national team, who is trying to send a message to Koeman about the Grazman Center (psychological warfare).

What does Deschamps or Griezmann want Messi to play in a position other than his position or to put Messi back-up to satisfy Griezmann? The truth that Griezmann must understand is that he must adapt to any offensive position in which he plays. One of the qualities of a global player is to adapt to the coach’s ideas, as Eto'o did, for example. Mourinho at Inter when he played a right-winger and achieved the historic hat-trick.

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