Weku Economics: Weekly Statistics 05 Nov 2019

8 months ago


Weekly Stats of Weku. It shows how things have changed over a week, in numbers!

General statistics

Current Supply - WEKU477032758477474288441530
Current Supply - WKD34272263530233103007
Reward fund609996597057-12939
Vote value(per 1000 WP)$0.305$0.290-$0.015

There have been only 26 new account signup since 10 days. The reward pool also seems to be skewed, they aren't distributed enough probably many are raking hundreds/thousands of payouts.

Top 30 posts(based on pending payouts)

N.Post linkAuthorPayout
1Pathocracy... Rule by Psychopaths (Part 4)... Conclusion- The Lowest Common Denominator@richq11W$1680.888
2Upvote Campaign #9 - Light up WeKu With Your Sunshine : Moment Enjoying Sunshine for Peace of Mind and a Bearer of Hope@chairoeltksW$1414.413
3Konsep menuju Indonesian Community lebih kuat dalam mendukung nilai positif@hamidi103W$1282.268
4Exploring Blockchain technologies to incentivize interest in learning industrial skills and knowledge transfer.@nnnarvaezW$1219.755
5Gratefulvibes Journal (016) Week 5 Writing Contest Winners & Week 6 Questions@gratefulvibesW$1112.777
6A Brief Look at the Impeachment@richq11W$1072.846
7Shakib Al Hasan banned 2 years by ICC for failing report@zahidsunW$956.764
8Upvote Campaign #9 : Light Up WeKu With @siamcat@muthfriezlouisW$921.159
9Smartphone photo ombak di tepi pantai@bombaW$858.400
10Ikan Tongkol Masak Asam Pedas.@mhasbullahW$855.871
11Smartphone photo selfie@bombaW$852.162
12Tongkol Panggang Super Mantap@mhasbullahW$844.733
13tempat Pejualan bebek peking@musdezalW$820.601
14Suatu Yang Istimewa Untuk Orang Yang Istimewa Pula@mhasbullahW$816.699
15Ayam pramugari@bombaW$792.110
16Geudeu-Geudeu Permainan Rakyat Legendaris Masyarakat Pidie@chairoeltksW$788.469
17Hari ke-6 Pembangunan Asrama@cekmaeW$781.839
18Rumput di sawah@cekmaeW$780.325
19Smarphone photography #halaman sekolah dasar yang sangat bersih@musdezalW$769.030
20Keindahan Panorama Wehni Kulus@mhasbullahW$765.165
21While there is still no answer / Can WEKU be saved of is already DEAD DEAD ?@nnnarvaezW$750.450
22The Right Time For Investment And Power Up@mhasbullahW$749.149
23Fenomena wanita nongkrong di warung kopi@bombaW$745.674
24Are We Headed For a New Civil War?@richq11W$714.469
25Duet With Nissa Sabyan in Bireuen@muthfriezlouisW$712.998
26Kari Daging Rasa Yahut...@mhasbullahW$712.420
27+99.052.436 WEKU POWER Untuk membangun Komunitas promosi Weku@hamidi103W$708.526
28Nikmat Itu Sederhana Nggak Mesti Mewah@mhasbullahW$703.844
29Kerja yang sangat bereseko tinggi@musdezalW$700.911
30THE LAST RAYS - Light up WeKu With Your Sunshine ☀️@artofthemysticW$700.637

Top 30 #madeinweku posts

The posts are ordered based on their pending payouts. All of the top 30 posts have a pending payout of above W$500!

N.Post linkAuthorPayout
1Upvote Campaign #9 - Light up WeKu With Your Sunshine : Moment Enjoying Sunshine for Peace of Mind and a Bearer of Hope@chairoeltksW$1414.486
2Gratefulvibes Journal (016) Week 5 Writing Contest Winners & Week 6 Questions@gratefulvibesW$1112.834
3Upvote Campaign #9 : Light Up WeKu With @siamcat@muthfriezlouisW$921.207
4Smartphone photo ombak di tepi pantai@bombaW$858.444
5Ikan Tongkol Masak Asam Pedas.@mhasbullahW$855.915
6Smartphone photo selfie@bombaW$852.206
7Tongkol Panggang Super Mantap@mhasbullahW$844.777
8tempat Pejualan bebek peking@musdezalW$820.644
9Suatu Yang Istimewa Untuk Orang Yang Istimewa Pula@mhasbullahW$816.742
10Ayam pramugari@bombaW$792.151
11Geudeu-Geudeu Permainan Rakyat Legendaris Masyarakat Pidie@chairoeltksW$788.509
12Hari ke-6 Pembangunan Asrama@cekmaeW$781.880
13Rumput di sawah@cekmaeW$780.365
14Smarphone photography #halaman sekolah dasar yang sangat bersih@musdezalW$769.069
15Keindahan Panorama Wehni Kulus@mhasbullahW$765.204
16Fenomena wanita nongkrong di warung kopi@bombaW$745.713
17Duet With Nissa Sabyan in Bireuen@muthfriezlouisW$713.035
18Kari Daging Rasa Yahut...@mhasbullahW$712.457
19Kerja yang sangat bereseko tinggi@musdezalW$700.947
20THE LAST RAYS - Light up WeKu With Your Sunshine ☀️@artofthemysticW$700.673
21Smartphone Photography # tempat aksesoris handphone@musdezalW$673.629
22Upvote Campaign #9 - Light up WeKu With Sunshine By @siamcat ☀️@arispranataW$657.471
24Menatap matahari terbenam@cekmaeW$649.760
25My Digital Cross Stitching - idol Raffy Tulfo Philippines Pride "Proud to be Pinoy ❤".@dwightjadenW$632.735
26Medika farma@musdezalW$622.116
27Cikgu kopi arabika@bombaW$621.219
28Nice View@oemarrW$620.579
29Light up WeKu With Your Sunshine ☀️@nnnarvaezW$610.118
30Menikmati Matahari Terbenam di Selat Malaka@muthfriezlouisW$602.367

Top #introduceyourself posts

Surprisingly, there are no #introduceyourself posts in past 7 days. Not even a single post with tag #introduceyourself!

I'd like to hear your opinions and thoughts to make this better and useful. Feel free to translate this post in your regional language.

Time of publication: 5th November 2019, 13:25 UTC

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