Some Echeverias

last year

There's a seller at a local flea market who has small offsets and rooted cuttings for extremely cheap prices. The plants are much smaller than what you'd get at a nursery and they take a while to grow to a good size but I find that his plants do well and aren't affected by being moved to a new environment so buying for him is seldom a waste of money. I got these little echeverias the other day.

Looking like a little pink cabbage, Echeveria shaviana

echeveria shaviana.jpg

I used to know the name of this one but I have forgotten now: any ideas?


It is one of the miniature species which forms many offsets. I had one before but it was a casualty of the odd cold, rainy weather we had this summer.


It may be a hybrid or a species

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unique and interesting plants. regards


No ideas.
I like the last one :)


It is really pretty

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