ULOG: Gentleman over fun

5 months ago

I had been contemplating on maybe I should do this, to write a ulog today, but since I am a certified ulogger I should do this.


I woke up today all pumped up, waiting to do justice to all that I face today. First on my list is to go and submit the marked scripts with me, then after that, the next thing on my agenda is to go see a friend.

The submission was done successfully and I even had the leisure to exchange pleasantries, it was a boost. After that I called the friend of mine that I was on my way, I always like to drop a notice before showing up on people’s doorsteps.

I got there and we had several gist; this is so because we have not seen each other in months. Then the highlight of the day happened, that was the only notable thing that happened.

I had planned to spend the whole day when my neighbor called, she left the key to the gate in her room. I was about to serve myself the second time when I received the call, I still have like 5 hours to spend. But I had to be a gentleman and go to her rescue, left my friend and have to reschedule things.

That was how I had to cut short my fun day with a friend to help a neighbor.

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