ULOG (SurpassingGoogle): My very first Ulog

7 months ago

It was the second day of the month of July, the day I finally had the courage and time to be a certified Ulogger. I had been procrastinating for over a month now, I finally had to overcome it and get this done.

I first saw the message on whatsApp stating what to do in order to become certified, then somehow lost it when the app crashed on my phone. I had to message @anikys3reasure to help me resend the steps early this year, and had been stalling since I got it.

It would be nice to finally become certified. I just had the feeling that today should be the day I get this done.

The day so far has been a cool day, one of those days when ‘the day is just there’ is the answer when the day is being asked after. I had a busy weekend and it really tolled on me with weakness, went to work on Monday but spent the day resting. I think I am fit now, having aches due to sleep already.

I can't wait to finally begin my journey as a ulogger! Thanks for this opportunity @surpassinggoogle.

My name is Okunade Iyanuoluwa and I am a certified Ulogger


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