Get to know Madrid by the hand of Las Meninas de Velázquez

10 months ago

Little could imagine Velázquez, one of our universal painters, that the characters of one of his best-known and most admired paintings, would become in the future the cultural emblem of that courtly Madrid in which one day he was a painter of the Court: Las Meninas .
Far from fundamental works such as 'La fragua de Vulcano' or 'Los borrachos', Las Meninas could be said, that by those curious whims of fate, they became the great reference of this painter, whose stature, along with Goya's, receives every day to hundreds of visitors at the Prado Museum.
De Velázquez, Salvador Dalí said that it was he who had discovered the numerical code he used in his paintings, appropriating it as a guide for many of his own works.
Without hidden keys, except for the intentionality of each designer in providing a unique, fanciful and striking design to his figure, the initiative of the election of Las Meninas, as cultural hosts to know a great city like Madrid, he adds an exciting tourist and cultural tour, worth knowing and tasting.
In the number of eighty, these wonderful figures invite the visitor to know a city, from an active and fun perspective, which offers the possibility, as in the best role-playing games, to live a transcendent, fun and enjoyable experience, through the main corners artistic, cultural and leisure of the capital of Spain.
For example: there are three Meninas waiting for the visitor in front of the famous work of Sabatini, the Puerta de Alcalá, in front of a small paradise, as is our emblematic Parque del Buen Retiro.
Another, representing in its design the uniform of the crews of our airlines, Iberia, in the Plaza de Cibeles, next to the old Palace of Posts and Communications and today, our City Hall, in front of our goddess of the Underworld: Cibeles.
La Menina biker, a few meters later, at the confluence of the busy and central arteries, which are the streets of Alcalá and Gran Vía, next to the fascinating building of the Metropolis Company.
And so, each one different and in number of eighty, as we have said, overflowing fantasy and joy in abundance, the magic and beauty of different districts can be savored: the Barrio de las Letras, Arganzuela, Chamberí, Tetuán, Retiro, Centro ...
The question is: do you dare to know Madrid, letting yourself be seduced by the magic of Las Meninas?
Because remember: Madrid has always been a Seven Star Destination.

NOTICE: Both the text and the accompanying photographs are my exclusive intellectual property.

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