Winter Watercolors

10 months ago

The symbolists say that winter, which during the Middle Ages used to be represented as an old man with long beards warming fire, comes to mean cold, loneliness, hunger and death.
In fact, also in the Middle Ages it was thought that the North, where the freezing wind called Aqueron came from, was the place where the Devil, the Enemy, lived.
Perhaps this is why, in many Romanesque churches, a terrifying figure was usually depicted, on its north side, usually a face with horns - although sometimes these were replaced by a head with three faces - which the locals have always identified with the figure of the Demiurge.
But regardless of these rugged details, winter is also a beautiful season, which invites us to delight in the magic that its effects leave in our villages and landscapes.
Getting lost in winter by these wide steppe solitudes of Castile, also means enjoying the opportunity to contemplate some small villages collected on themselves, while the great snowfall keeps the seed of some fields eager to wake up in spring.
It is a time of recollection and meditation, in which snow and frost are settled in judge and part, while families gather together with the pleasant fire of the home, reliving the old myths that remain in every story.
It may be winter, a season for melancholy, but as that great writer who was Hermann Hess (1) said, there are good remedies for melancholy and one of them is wandering.
And what better wandering, than running around fields and villages, gallantly dressed in white satin ?.

Notes, References and Bibliography:

(1) Hermann Hesse: ‘El Caminante’, Editorial Bruguera, S.A.

NOTICE: Both the text and the accompanying photographs are my exclusive intellectual property.

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Seeing ALL that snow has made me shiver with a chill!

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Ha ha ha ... I understand, I had the cold when I took the photos.