Natural Watercolors

10 months ago

Spain is a land of sayings and one of the most truthful sayings, it is he who says that after the storm comes calm.
Spring is usually a season that often startles people with unexpected storms, perhaps to make sense, too, of the vital need of the fields, the water, which farmers receive and thank, and what they say that comes to them as May water.
Being surprised by a sudden storm, although it may seem an unpleasant inconvenience in certain aspects, also has its advantages, since it seems that when the sun manages to free itself from the veil imposed by the clouds, it does so with a renewed force, offering such a special light that affects the landscape, that for a moment you have the curious feeling of being immersed in an impressionist painting of the first magnitude.
It is very possible, moreover, that painters like Vincent van Gogh used this type of experience to give the colors of their watercolors an amazing vitality, capable of exerting a fascinating magnetism on the person or people who contemplate it.
In this sense, the old Castilian fields of a community like Soria, are an excellent example for experimentation and to understand, incidentally, when you have the opportunity to see, in addition, an old Romanesque hermitage, of that ancient and traditional association between the men and the environments on which they settle.

NOTICE: Both the text and the accompanying photographs are my exclusive intellectual property.

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SIMPLY beautiful images!

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Thank-you very much

Beautiful photos. Where is that rock structure located? When I lived in Andalucía, I saw some dolmens, but not one like that. Very cool.


It is the well-known dolmen of the witch or sorginetxe and is located in the Alavesa Llanada, very close to the natural border with Navarra and the Urbasa mountain range. The dolmenic culture was widespread throughout the Iberian Peninsula and you find them both in the north and in the south.