Travel and Culture: Madrid, bicentenary of the Prado Museum

7 months ago

Like the rain, which according to that great thinker and writer Jorge Luis Borges was, always happens in the past, today I want to present an event, which although it happened recently, is also part of the past.
Recent or distant, in that universal prison, which is ruled by a cruel and inflexible god called Time, there are milestones, events, events and experiences, which deserve to be remembered, even to be met, metaphorically speaking, with that sad lady figure, which bears the name of one who even powerfully caught the attention of a great teacher like Dürer: Melancholy.
I have the uncertain certainty that even Borges would have agreed that Melancholy, like rain, also happens in the past.
So, sharing my melancholy with all of you, I invite you to make a small trip to the past, and although it is not the same as witnessing it live, participate with me in the memory of that excellent celebration, with which our well-known and deservedly famous Museo del Prado, celebrated, with all those who wanted to join the happy onomastics, nothing less than the Bicentennial of their own existence.
And he did, throwing the house out of the window, an expression that we, the Spaniards usually use, to imply that no repairs or expenses are spared.
It was only three days, it is also true, but the show was certainly worth it.
Little or nothing mattered the cold of Madrid, which on Christmas Eve can be as intense or more than the icy breath of the ghosts of Christmas past, present or future, that according to that unparalleled master of literary objectivity that was Charles Dickens, they assaulted the taciturn existence of a miserable speculator of bitterness, called Scrooge.
As I have never been a bitter man and my scruples do not meet enough conditions to make me a creditor, like that one, of the visit of the Christmas ghosts mentioned above, and because deep down, I am romantically convinced that Travel and Culture are the better letters of introduction with which any volunteer consul can have the worthy excuse to present the interesting events of his country, I want to leave a review of the celebration, for all those who did not have occasion to witness it.
It is true, and I understand and understand that nothing replaces a live and live show.
But it is also true, or so I hope, at least, that through photographs and videos, any viewer can get an idea, even approximate, of what it was, we have to recognize it, as a magnificent show, where by space of a few minutes, hundreds, perhaps thousands of people had the magical reverie of seeing countless works of art momentarily abandon their institutional seclusion, to provide a few moments of magical reverie.
With an added orchestra, and parading through the walls of such an august cultural building, the most representative works, the most prominent and sought-after of the great geniuses of Art of all time, were parading in front of the attentive gaze of a rapt public, who had the opportunity to greet the great masters of all time: Goya, Velázquez, Fra Angelico, Leonardo, Botticheli ...
A chained melody, where Art, even for a brief moment, became that by which great initiates, like Nicolás Roerich, stood out with great efforts, facing the impassibility of a troubled world: ambassadors of Peace and Peace. Culture.
This entry, without more pretensions or fuss, wants to be just that: ambassador of something so beautiful and so lacking in the world, as these two utopian illusions, Peace and Culture, are precisely.
And dear friends, if you ever come to Madrid and want to have the desire to experience the same syndrome that the great writer Stendhal would experience during his visit to another spectacular place, such as Florence, do not forget to visit, I really tell you, this palace of magic and illusion, which is our Prado Museum.

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NOTICE: Both the text, and the accompanying photographs, as well as the videos, are my exclusive intellectual property, without claims of rights to the recorded work, or any other claim than to use them as illustrative references of this post.

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What an unbelievable light show that was!

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Thanks, friends. It was an appasionate and excellent spectacle. Merry Christmas