Can you imagine a world without music?

last year

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Hey buds,
Sunday Time!
Hope you are all relaxing.

Can you imagine a world without music?

For my part I need to discover new music every day. I obviously have favorite genres, but I must say that I am also very eclectic. As well to be curious.

I am very often on Soundcloud, Choon, Musicoin, Spotify, etc. These last months, a lot of my discoveries came from the Blockchain Platforms, mainly Steemit. Mastodon too, who is a decentralized Twitter like. Roaming instinctively, looking for some pearls, sometimes real gems. At the chance of the links that I find here and there. 99% are indies.

According to the feeling?
Yes, it can be a cover, an evocative title, an intriguing publication, etc. So, I go.. And usually, if I like the music I'm listening, I don't stay for only one title. Often I surf down to the first title of the artist, or to another title with the evocative name, etc. Discovering more. Art only needs to be discovered. Be curious. :0)

Art is also a sharing.
Can you imagine a world without music?
Share your last discoveries with a message if you feel it.

My last journey took me there:
Alchemie by Makia Blue

Improvising in DADGAD tuning - Original by Donatello Figliuolo

Beautiful Place by Geraldine Taylor

.:. Made In Weku .:.

Have a peaceful sunday! :0)
See you soon.

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A world without music would be terrible! However, as humans, we would always come up with music, because it's part of our very make up.

I'm probably going to put together another musical foray later in the day - discovering a piece of music and some brilliant covers as well as some parodies! I love these posts so much!


Hello @viking-ventures,

Thank you very much to stop by. :0) Appreciated.
My appologies to not have replied faster.

Do you listen music when you are writing?
But most precisely, do you need a particular "environment" to be on the good state of mind?

Have a peaceful weekend!