500k WP Delegation For WEKU Indonesia Ambassadors ⚡️

last year


Dear Friends and Followers,

Since we set up our promotion team and running daily our promotion program, many users join daily. Thanks to our promoters and supporters from Indonesia, we have many new Indonesian users and this is now the largest community on WeKu.

In oder to support the Indonesia Community and the newcomers from this region, we would like to offer support and hope to build a strong WeKu-Indonesia community together with you.

For the first time on WeKu, we would like to granted an Official Indonesia Ambassador for 2 persons, with 500k WP delegation support. If you are interested to build a strong community on WeKu, please apply.

Screenshot 2019-03-01 at 16.45.50.png


  1. You believe in WeKu and ready to spend time and support WeKu platform

  2. You have a great leadership and a strong motivation

  3. You are honest and trustworthy

  4. You spent a lot of time to support WeKu project and promote WeKu in the past

  5. You have a vision to improve WeKu and grow the Indonesian based users

  6. You are a public person and willing to share your social media account links with the community and promote WeKu at your social media accounts

If you are the right person for this position, please apply now!

Screenshot 2019-03-01 at 16.45.50.png

How to apply

  1. Create a post, tell us about your vision, your plan to improve and grow the community

  2. Tell us about your WeKu experience and what you have done so far to support the WeKu community

  3. Create a short greetings video for your followers

  4. Share your post link on social media platforms: Steemit , Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. and attach the links to your WeKu post and please don't forget to:

✅ Set your post for public if your account is private

Screenshot 2019-07-05 at 22.00.39.png

✅ Use tags: wekuambassador, weku, promoweku, wekucoin, weareweku at your WeKu post and another social share links

Screenshot 2019-07-05 at 22.01.09.png

✅ By sharing your link on Instagram, please upload your title post image and add your Weku post link + use the tags above

Screenshot 2019-07-06 at 00.03.56.png

5. Comment this post with your WeKu post link

Screenshot 2019-02-11 at 01.17.06.png

Show us your confidence, your motivation and your ability. Apply Now!

Screenshot 2019-03-01 at 16.45.50.png

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Thank you to the Director, I hope this opportunity will be the beginning of the new Tunas growth to develop the growth of the Weku platform more optimally in Indonesia, I submit this Assessment to the Director.

Early bird catch the early post 😄. This is really great for Weku success in the future. Go go go! We Are Weku! ❤.

Good news for all users from Indonesia, hopefully the chosen ones are computational people and understand the advantages of weku for Indonesia

Good luck for Indonesian Ambassadors.. its Time for you not for us...

Akhirnya apa yang pernah dibicarakan terwujud juga, ini adalah hal yang sangat bagus bagi perkembangan weku.
Semoga ambasador yang terpilih adalah orang yang terbaik diantara yang terbaik.

And this is my entry proposal for Weku Ambassador Indonesia


Amazing! Saya sangat senang dengan berita ini. Dalam beberapa hari terakhir, saya amati memang banyak perubahan yang cukup signifikan di WeKu di Indonesia.

Semoga dengan adanya WeKu Indonesia Ambassador ini akan semakin menaikkan iklim positif di WeKu.

Very happy to read this news.❤️❤️

thank you @siamcat the news is very encouraging for us users of weku Indonesia

Thank for support and information,,I love Weku,,from community Indonesia

Hopefully there will be Indonesians who are selected as Ambassadors. This is a good opportunity and a challenge.




We selected from public application, every Indonesian can apply

I want to take a role in becoming an Indonesian ambassador, but I am still new to this community, and I have many friends who are very worthy of being Ambassadors.

I'm frankly a lot of platforms that concern me ... and are still very beginners. and need a lot of direction and guidance.

and I was missing Paswood @mulawarman, so I had to register for a new account.

Wow, good news!!
I hope weku can get better in the future!