Curation Report WEKU TEAM WORLD 12/18/2018

2 years ago

A warm greeting to the whole community of WEKU today 12/18/2018 I am pleased to share with all of you my Curation Report, I am part of the team WEKU TEAM WORLD, I will share with you in each of my 5 POST reports that, from my point of view, are quality publications and deserve the support, in this way I want to contribute with the community giving value to the effort and perseverance.


Work with all my love and desire to see each of their publications and choose the best to support them with a vote, remember that there are many users and at any time it will be your turn to be rewarded, do not be discouraged. Keep working hard to create original and quality content.

How can you contribute to the Platform?

  • Create 100% original quality content.

  • Support users who have questions about the platform.

  • Avoid commenting like: What a good post, I really liked, Follow me and I follow you. (It is important that you take the time to read the publication you are visiting, that you show respect for the person who made the publication and comments on the content, that the author will thank you very much).

  • Publish what you are passionate about and what you feel comfortable with (It is the key to success).

  • Before making a ReWekued you should note that you are not sharing Spam Content.


As a member of the healing team of WEKU TEAM WORLD, every day, I will publish an article with 5 publications. These publications will receive the vote of our leader @writer.

My goal is to give greater visibility to quality, but to underestimated content and, therefore, to Wekuianos who deserve to be rewarded for their work.

Ways to increase your chances of being selected.

  • Create original quality content.

  • Do not steal or plagiarize.

  • Adequate credit sources. A link to the word "source" is not enough. Include the name of the author and the title of your publication in your article.

  • When you share your images, it includes background information and / or data exif.

Following the report of the selected titles, we expect the support of the entire community.

AuthorPublicationMain image
@jjqfMi canción favorita para hoy: Sofía, AnakenaSMRBcHI.jpg
@josedelacruzLOS LLANOS VENEZOLANOS: Bioma tipo sabana (Tercera parte): Nivel de Biocenosis: Comunidades biológicas terrestres de los llanos. Elevaciones montañosas: mesas o mesetasMesa-de-Guanipa-4.png
@carolinacardoza🎅 Vamos a tejer un gorrito para navidad.Imagen11.jpg
@gasubaEl colibrí3au-Kd-N6-Fd-QE37f-LXCs-Njie-KTv-YYn8p-ACw-JRpart-V87-MXAy-Vq-Uufizg-R4c-Hz-PDG.jpg



Ladies and Gentlemen, the work must be constant, you must work so that WEKU has value in the real world, the thing is like this, if you water a plant it will grow and at some point it will bear fruit, if not the you water it and leave it to its fate, it's just going to dry up. In a few words: it only depends on us that weku has value in the Real world.

It depends on you, on you, on us that WEKU is a total success, creates committed communities and encourages teamwork, in a few months we will see the fruits of our work.


I hope you liked it and do not hesitate to express what you feel, remember that each one of us is responsible for the future of the community.




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